We are Sarah and Richard Mangin. As you will now know we are flower growers in sunny Nelson.

Green Square ? Well, it comes from our inspiration while working in Antwerp on fruit.

We were very taken by a flower seller who arrived in Antwerp's Green Square every evening and sold flowers of high quality for people to arrange in their apartments. He like us, sold flowers of high quality and at a reasonable price.              

Growing Aspirations. We established the business in 1999. We came into flower growing with 20 years combined experience in the horticulture industry, so we know flowers. We draw from this experience in selecting our crops and ensuring that we use best practice to produce top quality. We use systems from the fruit industry to make use of natural pest controls, and take great satisfaction in seeing numbers of our natural predators like lady birds and Praying Mantis increasing.


Where are we

We are in sunny Nelson making use of the high sunshine hours, growing on the Waimea Plains, and surely just about the stoniest part of the plains. This combination of high sunshine hours and very free draining soil has allowed us to follow our passion for growing proteas and sunflowers, which like us, thrive in this situation.

A big factor in selecting our crops is the passion we feel for the flowers. We only choose flowers that we would want in our house, and give us that WOW factor. And we are sure you will agree that our flowers are amazing, even after all these years they still take our breath away. We feel a huge amount of pride and satisfaction when we put our flowers in a box for you.


We are able to stand behind the quality and consistency of our flowers, as we are the growers and handle each flower lovingly through the process. Our work doesn't stop in the paddock, even after picking we give our flowers the best of care so that you get the maximum satisfaction.